The Swords of Faerûn

An Unexpected Visitor

It has been almost a full month since the last adventures of Swords of Faerun into the world of Faerun. But that is not to say that your company has been sitting on its haunches.
No far from that, your company has grown and you have been able to defend several important shipments from pirate raiders and even aquired a new Dragonship as a trophy from one of those great battles.

The name of Swords of Faerun has begun to expand well past the walls of Waterdeep and into the lands of Faerun. The company has begun to get visitors from the cities and towns interior to Faerun that are wanting you to handle transportation of their shipments and sometimes even the request for Heroic assistance for their city or village. the company has even been able to branch out into large caravans over the land of Faerun to carry shipments to locations that do not have simple ship access.

Jieves Stronghammer, the stout dwarf that was hired to sort through all this incomming post, scrolls, and visitors and bring you only the truely serious requests for assistance, has come to inform you that a visitor is waiting in the receiving room with an urgent request of Swords of Faerun.


Date: Eleasis 21, 1482

Encounter 3875 XP (968XP Each)
Level 11
Opponents: (10)
Fire Archon Flameshield
Fire Elemental Firestorm x2
Fire Elemental Spark x5
Earth Elemental Quake x2

Neutrals: (1)
Rrowthar, Torrian Seneschal

An Unexpected Visitor

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