The Swords of Faerûn

The Ancient City

You appear within a glowing circle, its runes inscribed into the stone tiles beneath your feet. You are standing in a courtyard of sorts. surrounded by marble statues of humans and humanoids. A reflecting pool shimmers ahead of you, its glow barely perceptible. A statue of a female dressed in grand robes overlooks the pool, her outstretched hand glowing with a calming light.

A human in robes and a silver cloak, ancient by all appearances, leans heavily on a great staff “Welcome, champions,” he says in a strong voice, “welcome to Argent.” At that moment, everything in the open mall shakes as a great pounding resoundsfrom somewhere beyond the gate behind you. With each powerful strike, the old man seems to shudder. “lt will hold.” the old man says. “it will hold.”



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